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Meet Druce MacFarlane

About Me

Meet Druce MacFarlane, our accomplished Chief Operating Officer (COO) at MacFarlane Homes. With a background in residential home renovation and real estate investing, Druce brings a wealth of knowledge to our team, adding value to properties for both buyers and sellers seeking to enhance pre-sale preparation.


Beyond his role as COO, he's a master of orchestrating intricate processes and transforming challenges into seamless operations. Hailing from Washington DC, Druce made a daring escape to the sunny shores of the Bay Area for a job relocation, and his dedication has been unwavering ever since.


With his expertise, wit, and the uncanny ability to see the potential in every project, Druce continues to lead our team to new heights of success, infusing every aspect of MacFarlane Homes with his signature enthusiasm and vision.

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"Lynne helped us find and purchase a home in Seaside. It was a long process, and Lynne took us to see to many, many houses — she is really good at looking at properties and seeing their potential. The things that really stand out about Lynne are her amazing work ethic and her positive attitude. We actually missed out on our first offer for our home, but because of the trust she had established with the selling realtor, he called her when the first buyers' loan fell through, to see if we wanted to make a backup offer. I really appreciate the way Lynne kept communication flowing and helped move things in the right direction when we needed her! I highly recommend Lynne because of her dedication to fostering positive relationships with all parties, her extensive knowledge of real estate, and her passion for helping people. We are thrilled with our new home!"

- Heather L.

"Working with Lynne and her team was an absolute pleasure. From the very beginning, Lynne listened attentively to our needs and went above and beyond to locate properties that perfectly matched our requirements. Her personalized and bespoke service made the entire process seamless and enjoyable. Not only was she extremely supportive throughout the entire process, but she also provided immediate feedback on properties we viewed and even came prepared with snacks for us during our long days of house hunting.

But what truly sets Lynne apart is the fact that she not only helped us find our dream home, but she also became a dear friend in the process. Her genuine care and concern for our happiness and well-being made us feel like more than just clients.

I wholeheartedly recommend Lynne and her team to anyone looking for exceptional real estate service. If you're looking for a realtor who will truly go the extra mile for you, then Lynne is the one for you. We love you Lynne <3!"

- Manish B.

"Lynne MacFarlane is a joy to work with - an excellent communicator who is also genuine and caring. She performs her due diligence, providing pertinent details you need to guide searches and to make informed decisions. She has seemingly limitless energy, willing to exhaust the search to find the property that best fits your personal needs."

- Marian M.

"I work in tech and as a tech professional where I am used to people working long hours to get the job done, I'm happy to find Lynne who carries the same type of work ethic. My work schedule really limited the times which I could find a home, but Lynne was very flexible to work around my schedule. She doesn't limit herself to normal working hours and was available to answer my questions from early morning to late at night. She would also hustle a lot to get me a home. This includes creating relationships with the seller, getting information from the sellers and doing other things to increase my chances getting my offer accepted without spending more money.

Going in, I did not know much about the home buying process and as such, I needed a lot of time and education before deciding on a place. Lynne was patient throughout the process as I got to thoroughly explore different options for strategies for getting a home. During this past year, it was a highly competitive market and despite the fact that I was stingy on my offers and would change my mind on some places, Lynne didn't get discouraged and kept on working until we found a good deal. When we eventually found that deal, she created a good relationship with the seller and we were able to win the deal."

- Trevor C.

"I could not have asked for a more talented agent to represent me in the sale of my house. She went beyond all expectations of what a "normal" agent has done in the past for home sales for me. Her use of videos and interviews, with the contractor, local businesses, etc. was outstanding. I could not have done it without her, as I was residing in another State, and she assisted with all aspects of the preparation and sale. You will not be disappointed if Lynne is your agent."

- Mary P.

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Offering Coastal California Excellence

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I was 10 years old when my grandfather, my dad’s father, passed away. He lived in Taiwan, so I knew him only through pictures and the half-dozen times I had met him, and I had been too young to create lasting memories. I felt sad for my dad more than myself. When my dad returned from work that night he...


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Lynne MacFarlane is devoted to helping you with any of your buying or selling needs.

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